Arthur Suydam

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Disney Art On Main - DC Comics Studios represents the interpretive artwork by  artist Arthur Suydam.

The art collection of Limited Editions on canvas or paper comes with Certificates of Authenticity.

An honored recipient of the Spectrum 2005 Gold Medal for artistic excellence, Arthur Suydam has contributed multitudes of images to DC Comics and Marvel Comics. In Domain of The Bat, Suydam depicts the intimidation and darkness Batman instills as he walks into the shadowy Batcave. Suydam’s imagery suggests a Gothic stabilization along with the surreal, bringing an almost haunted allure to his superhero subjects. The print is hand-signed by the artist and numbered.

An artist with diverse passions, feel and flavor of any area of art, style, history, and character. His settings are as beautiful and as haunting as his stories are tender and twisted. The techniques he has honed over the decades breathe life and magnetism into his characters. Genius tempered with technology—herein lies the magic of Arthur Suydam. - Clampett Studios