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Thomas Kinkade Studios

Mandalorian - The Mudhorn

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Mando confronts the Mudhorn beast. - Unframed
Dark Walnut - Frame
Aurora Copper Frame
Burl - Frame
Caramel - frame
Estate Bronze Frame
Mando and the Child - Closeup
Mudhorn head - Closeup
Mandalorian - The Mudhorn

The Mandalorian - The Mudhorn by Thomas Kinkade Studios

Mando and the Child confront the Mudhorn beast.

The Mandalorian Art Collection 

Canvas Edition Option:
SN/Standard Numbered Canvas is individually hand-highlighted
AP/Artist Proof Canvas is issued with a small edition, hand-highlighted
EE/Estate Edition is a minimal edition canvas that is textured

Frame Option: Unframed, Aurora Copper, Burl, Caramel, Dark Walnut, and Estate Bronze. 

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Image Size: 12" x 18"
SN - Edition Size: 95
AP - Edition Size: 10
EE - Edition Size: 6

Image Size: 18" x 27"
SN - Edition Size: 195 
AP - Edition Size:  20
EE - Edition Size: 12

Image Size: 24" x 36"
SN - Edition Size: 50
AP - Edition Size:  5 
EE - Edition Size: 3

Key Points

  • This painting captures an important scene from the second chapter of The Mandalorian™, the moment when the Mandalorian and the audience realize that there is something very special about the Child and his abilities.
  • The Mandalorian and the Child encounter Jawas™ on Arvala-7™. They steal parts from the Mandalorian’s ship, the Razor Crest™, holding it hostage on their Sandcrawler™ until The Mandalorian brings them ransom – the Mudhorn’s™ egg.
  • The Mandalorian uses an arm-mounted flamethrower during his fight with the Mudhorn.
  • The Child uses incredible powers to lift the Mudhorn and save his new protector.

Key Notes 

The beefy Mudhorn makes its home in the cool, dark caves of Arvala-7. The beast uses its towering horn for defense and its matted hide, caked in mud, and wooly withers can even dissipate the concentrated firepower of a blaster bolt at close range. 

The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian Star Wars Series Collection 

The Mandalorian™ Collection presented by the Thomas Kinkade Studios is a series of Limited-Edition art that captures iconic scenes from each chapter of the Disney+ Star Wars™ live-action series.


  • Premium Canvas
  • Hand-stretched on wooden stretcher bars
  • Hand-highlighted with fine acrylic paints by skilled artisans
  • Long-life pigment inks that outperform conventional press inks.
  • Premium Museum Quality Mouldings
  • Engraved Brass Nameplate
  • Secure, Removable Canvas Clips
  • High Strength Coated Wire Hanger.



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