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Craig Skaggs

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Reaching OutB
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Battle Worn
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Fett Collects
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Don't be Afraid
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Detach Cable
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The Impossible
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I started my career around 1993 doing commercial work for advertising agencies, and publishers of teaching materials. Soon after that I was picked to illustrate licensed Star Wars art for Brown Shoe Co., and I also began designing shoes, toys, novelties, collectibles and products for over 30 companies. I did illustrations for several magazine, game, comic, and children’s book publishers, and I was a cover artist for Random House Pub. And Wings Press. Around 2011 I became a lead medical illustrator for the American College of Cardiology, and the Journal of Allergy and Immunology. I currently do fan art for conventions, fine art for gallery shows, private commissions, cover art for Altered Creatures Pub., toy designs for SG Labs, and am an official Lucasfilm fine artist for Acme Archives and Dark Ink. - Craig Skaggs