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Artist Line Tutwiler

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Line’ Tutwiler has worked in  Fine Arts painting for over 45 years. She attended the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, in the early seventies. Line’ wished to begin in the fine arts and pick up illustration later.  She started by showing in outdoor art exhibitions and quickly moved into exhibiting at prominent art galleries and invitational.

 Early on she had her first one-woman show 1980’s at Gallery One on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.

Now aside from working in the Disney and Star Wars venue she also is a figure in National Exhibitions and galleries and jury shows across America. Several corporations own her work, including NIPSCO, MBNA Bank, Gordon’s of Gloucester, George Lucas, and many more. Several of her paintings rendered are in the Star Wars Visions book. She has earned numerous awards, including Gold Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal. She works primarily in Oil but has begun again to work in watercolor.

Oil is usually not used for illustration or cartooning but Line’ has blended her renderings of Disney and Star Wars.

Line’ continues to paint in the Disney– Star Wars platform with the knowledge that her many clients look forward to collecting her work. - Wiki