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Lorelay Bove

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Disney Fine Art is proud to present Lorelay Bove  exclusive collection of fine art by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

As a Visual Development Artist, the responsibility to the concept and conceives an animated film from its inception. As part of Disney Storytellers' art portfolio, the artist must apply these skills in reverse, drawing inspiration from classic films already created. By using a keen sense of visual storytelling and artistic styling to bring a new perspective to the many classic stories told by Walt Disney Animation Studios.
 Lorelay Bove

Born in Barcelona, Spain, raised in the principality of Andorra and part of a family full of gifted artists (her father is renowned painter Quim Bove  art has always been a way of life for Lorelay. Educated at the prestigious California Institute for the Arts, a school founded by Walt Disney to foster young creative talent, this exciting young artist has made an impact on the art and animation world almost immediately upon her arrival.

After making her entry into the business as an art intern at Pixar Animation Studios, she quickly transitioned into her current role as a Visual Development Artist at Walt Disney Animation Studios.

As a visual development artist for Disney, her conceptual artwork has been extremely influential in the visual direction of films such as The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, Winnie the Pooh, and Wreck-it Ralph. Lorelay is also known for providing the illustrations for the Little Golden Book The Princess and the Frog title, as well as Toy Story: Ride 'em Cowboy! Her work is also featured on the cover of The Art of Wreck-it Ralph.

Her work is often compared to the work of Disney Legend Mary Blair, although Lorelay confesses that she did not become aware of Ms. Blair's work until her college years. Her own visual signature and style had already been well established for many years at that point, however, she finds the comparison flattering. "It's quite a compliment!" she says. - Collectors Editions