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A native of South Bend, Indiana, Michael Cole, moved to Florence, Alabama, at a young age. There, he painted and drew with an eye toward the architectural field. However, after attending Auburn University, Cole soon realized his dream of becoming an artist.

Upon graduation, Cole moved to Orlando, Florida, where he became a Disney artist. There, he worked on projects for Disneyland, Disneyland, and Disney Hong Kong theme parks, including "A Bugs Life" and "Toy Story."

While at Disney, Cole developed fine expressive art featuring the Looney Tunes characters. Having grown up watching Looney Tunes cartoons, Cole felt a particular affinity for Bugs, Daffy and the gang, and was inspired to develop unique imagery with these works. Currently, Cole works with the hit animated series "VeggieTales."

Being one who believes art and entertainment often mix, in addition to his animation duties, Cole opened NolenCole, a gallery/eatery featuring live show, which soon became popular with the local Florence art scene.

Owing to Cole's highly original and eclectic approach to the Looney Tunes characters, Clampett Studio Collections is proud to bring Michael Cole and his inventive style into our publishing family. - Clampett Studios