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Simone Bianchi

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was born on July 10th in Lucca, where he still lives and works. At the age of fifteen, he publishes humorous comic strips in the daily newspaper “Il Tirreno” and works as a cartoonist and vignettist for several Regional and National publications.

1994 - After meeting Claudio Castellini, who from that moment on becomes his maestro, mentor, and close friend, he draws the first issues of “Nembo” for Phoenix of Bologna, and “Rivan Ryan” for Comic Art of Rome. These are followed by 20 plates of “Brendon,” for Sergio Bonelli Editore.

1998 - At Lucca Comics Convention he takes part in a group exhibition alongside such greats as Will Eisner, Koe, Andy, and Adam Kubert. The international record company Metal Blade commissions to him the cover of the mini-CD “Timeless Crime” by Labyrinth. That same year he is appointed by the Accademia di Belle Arti in Carrara to teach a course on “comic techniques” as an assistant to the maestro Ivo Milazzo.

1999- Two publications hit Italian newsstands: the cover of the “Fantastic Quattro” by “Wiz” magazine and a one-shot of “Conan il Barbaro” by Marvel Italia. The cover of the Vision Divine band’s debut album voted from hard-metal and hard-rock fans as the second-best artwork of all record albums worldwide. Other covers for record companies: “Sigma” (Athreia Records) and the new Labyrinth record, “Sons of Thunder” (Metal Blade Records). He also becomes a full-time teacher of anatomy applied to comics and illustration at the Scuola Internazionale di Comics in Florence. - Clampett  Studios