Artist Stephan Martiniere



Stephan Martiniere is an acclaimed multi award winning science fiction and fantasy artist. In 2012 Stephan was voted one of the 50 Most Inspirational Artists by Imagine FX Magazine. In the past 30 years, he has become known for his talent, versatility, and imagination in every entertainment field including feature films, animation, video games, and theme parks, editorial, commercial, and book covers.

Stephan was the art director for the visually acclaimed ID Games Rage released in 2011, he was also the visual art director responsible for the games URU: Ages Beyond Myst, URU: The Path of the Shell, and Myst 5, and worked several years at Midway Games as Visual Art Director for the game Stranglehold and later as Creative Visual Director of the concept department for several other Midway games including Black Site: Area 51, Blitz, Ballers, Mortal Kombat vs. DC, Wheelman, and more.

As the director for the five animated musical adaptation shows Madeline, Stephan Martiniere received the A.C.T Award, the Parent’s Choice Award, and the Humanitas Award and was nominated for an Emmy. Stephan also gained global notoriety for illustrating the Where’s Waldo Sunday comic strip for King Features, distributed to hundreds of newspapers worldwide. - Wiki