Dan Bowden - Artist

The Looney Tunes Art of Artist - Dan Bowden

Dan was born in Chicago, Illinois, the son of an Air Force colonel.  While moving from state to state with his family, he became keenly aware of his artistic abilities at the early age of four and has been creating artwork in one medium or another since he can remember.  His family’s Air Force life brought him to Southern California in the ‘70s, where he has resided ever since.

Dan is a self-taught artist.  His natural gifts and abilities were recognized early during his school career.  He uses many different mediums, including acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, pencil renderings, and stained glass.  Dan is thankful to have been born with the unique gift and natural understanding of how paint works; to perfectly blend colors and to be able to create interesting shading, something for which he takes great pride.  In keeping with the times and ever-changing technology, he has even mastered the art of digital painting.

Dan’s path to a career in art got interrupted several times with life’s responsibilities, but he has never quit drawing, painting, and creating while working at his “day jobs” to pay the bills.  Dan thinks of himself as an artist trapped in a deputy sheriff’s body, as described in a 2012 Press-Enterprise article about him entitled, “Sheriff’s Deputy Doubles as Artist.”

Dan grew up reading Mad Magazine.  He enjoys the artwork of Mort Drucker and Jack Davis.  The combination of that art and humor actually inspired Dan to become an avid reader.  He has also been greatly influenced by the masters:  Picasso, Rembrandt, van Gogh, and Gaugin, as well as the great American artists, Norman Rockwell and Frederic Remington.

Like most of us, Dan spent Saturday mornings and after-school TV time enjoying the animated characters created and directed by Chuck Jones This influence has helped him create his own style and expression of the iconic characters. He is thrilled to have the privilege of drawing those beloved characters known worldwide, bringing joy to millions.

He has donated artwork throughout the years to churches, college jazz band calendars, the Leukemia Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Walk, and the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity at its annual Red Dot Auction.

Dan’s passion for art is stronger than ever before, and his commitment to his art has become the very definition of who he is.  He describes it as the driving force which fuels his creativity to new levels each day. Dan likes to feel that his art inspires peace in a chaotic world, which is why he has chosen to hide the Dove of Peace in every “peace” of art he creates.