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Disney Artist Rob Kaz

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"I want people to be happy when they look at my work, so I create stories that personally make me smile or laugh. But I also want people to notice the technical side of my paintings. I put a lot of emphasis on lighting, composition, and color when I paint. I think all of these aspects ultimately play a role in determining the emotional outcome of a finished painting."

Rob Kaz might have started his art career by accident, but his success is certainly no mistake. Driven to tell stories through light and character, Rob paints each painting as if it is a page from a book, and he encourages viewers to write the story in their minds.

Known for his two collections Places, I'd Rather Be and Friends Along The Way; Rob has spent countless hours getting to know his wide-eyed original characters on the canvas. Beau, his leading frog, is a reflection of his personality - a bit timid at times, always looking for adventure but often cautious, a loyal friend, and forever curious about the world. - Collectors EditIons