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Disney Artist Rodel Gonzalez

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"In this lifetime, I was able to do music, which I love, and art, which I love. On a personal level, I'm humbled waking up in the morning knowing I can do what I want for a living. For me, that's the accomplishment."

Artistic expression runs deep in Rodel Gonzalez's blood. He's a third-generation painter, a musician, and a singer, having achieved great success in all his creative endeavors.

Rodel began painting as a child and considered his paintings a hobby. After co-founding the highly popular Filipino band Side A, touring the world and living his dreams as a musician, Rodel retired from professional music to return to his first love - painting.

Today, Rodel is known for his interplay of light and shadows, details in expressions and structures, and depicts mood to which every viewer can relate.

He's a world-renowned Disney and Star Wars artist, and is a master of seas and ships. – Collectors Editions