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Julian Totino

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Argentine artist Julian Totino Tedesco is helping to raise the bar of mainstream comics with his impressive digital painting skills.  Tedesco’s covers go from being very dark & dramatic to lighter in tone & humorous.  His work reminds me of a couple of other Marvel regulars that we’ve featured here before: Mike Del Mundo and Stephanie Hans.

Tedesco’s been working on some very big books the last couple of years, including Marvel’s Original Sin crossover series, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (inspired by the TV show), and Thunderbolts, featuring fan-favorites Punisher, Elektra & Deadpool. 

this week, Tedesco has a variant cover for Red Wolf #3 that is gorgeous!  Other recent work includes variant covers for Spidey, Invincible Iron Man, and Star Wars: Shattered Empire.  He’s also the regular cover artist for The Black Knight and Web Warriors.