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Princess Aurora while still an infant, she is betrothed to the equally-young Prince Phillip (their parents want to unite their respective kingdoms under a marriage between them). At her christening, the three good fairies  Flora (in red), Fauna (in green), and Merryweather (in blue) arrive to bless her. Flora gives her the gift of beauty, which is described in a song as "gold of sunshine in her hair" and "lips that shame the red, red rose." Fauna gives her the gift of song. At this point,Maleficent the film's villain and self-proclaimed "mistress of all evil," appears on the scene. Claiming to be upset at not being invited, she curses Aurora to die when she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel's spindle before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday.  – Disney Wiki

Browse the art collection by artists - Stephen Fishwick, Michelle St. Laurent, Peter Ellenshaw, Mike Kungl, Tom Matousek, Michael Provenza, Tim Rogerson, Jim Salvati, Thomas Kinkade and more.

The collection includes - Originals and Limited Editions are the keepsake forever collection. Others - the Silvers Series, Treasures on Canvas, Canvas Classics, and more.

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