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The Lion King Art Collection

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Disney Art On Main Street presents this art collection inspired by Walt Disney's movie film The Lion King. The Lion King takes place in the Pride Lands of Africa, King Mufasa, the ruling lion, and Queen Sarabi present their new-born son Simba; the new heir to the throne, to the animals of Pride Rock. The story villain is Simba’s Uncle, Scar, who plots to take his place as King.

The artwork depicts the strong bond between father and son. The beautiful landscape of the Pride Lands and story's evil villain Uncle Scar, as interpreted by the artists.  Select from artists such as Tim Rogerson,  Rodel Gonzalez, Michelle St.Laurent, Rob Kaz and Tom Matousek and more.

The art collection includes - Originals and Limited Editions. They are the keepsake forever collection. Others - the Silvers Series, and Treasures on Canvas, Canvas Classics and more.


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